Susan De Muynck

Abdominal Sacral Massage

“My belly button is not simply a trace of my birth, but a precious seal and a mark, a reminder of my connection with the Source of life and all life forms.”
Ilchi Lee

Belly Button Healing: Unlocking Your Second Brain for a Healthy Life

Abdominal Sacral Massage

I have been offering this massage for a few years now and find that it offers something that very little massage practitioners tackle and that is the “belly”. It is a massage that works deep on the “2nd Brain” and is a very powerful massage technique so come along and experience it for yourself.

What is Deep Abdominal Massage?

This deep abdominal massage, also known as colon massage or internal organ massage, is a fantastic treatment that focuses on the metabolic and energetic functions of the abdomen to release trapped gases, blockages and waste products. It works deep on the ‘second brain’ and is a very powerful massage technique that has a range of benefits.

What are the benefits of deep abdominal massage?

  • digestive problems
  • constipation and bloating
  • abdominal fluid retention
  • menopausal symptoms
  • infertility
  • painful or irregular periods
  • lower back pain
  • ovulation problems
  • detoxification of the body
  • pelvic infections
  • ovarian cysts
  • heavy bleeding
  • stress
  • postural problems
  • ….and many more

What happens during deep abdominal massage?

During your massage, you will first be asked a few questions to ensure that deep abdominal massage is right for you. After this, your therapist will use a range of massage and holding techniques to work the different abdominal fascia and connective tissues. You will also receive specialised sacral massage to gently work the tissues behind the abdominal organs and open up the sacrum.

What do I need to do before my deep abdominal massage?

Do not have a heavy meal within about an hour before your massage, and as with all massage do not drink alcohol beforehand.

What do I need to do after my deep abdominal massage?

Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and heavy food for 24 hours. As with all therapies involving massage, you may experience slight tiredness or mild flu-like symptoms for up to 24 hours afterwards due to the toxin release from your body.

When can’t I have a deep abdominal massage?

You will need to tell your therapist if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Cancer, heart disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, DVT or at risk of or have had an embolism.
  • Acute (“flare up”) stages of illness e.g. diverticulitis.
  • Skin disorders e.g. phlebitis, ulceration or open wounds in the area to be treated.
  • Infectious illnesses such as cold, flu or chest infection.
  • Are pregnant
  • Systematic oedema

Susan De Muynck

I.T.E.C & AS Massage Certificate

Background Info


And here’s something that is going to blow your mind (either one) … just like your skull brain, your gut brain is able to learn, remember and produce emotion-based feelings.

In fact, some of you may be having light-bulb moments, realizing that plenty-O-emotion comes from your guts, and thus the express gut-level feeling.

Further, we already know that it takes 20 minutes for the brain and stomach to come to an agreement that you are full when eating. Thus, Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 20 minute rule (eat and wait 20 minutes to see if you really, really want more).

Should you stomach feel fluttery butterflies, you skull brain chimes right in with its version of fluttery.

One might easily come to the conclusion that your two brains are in direct communications with each other and have a mighty powerful influence over each other.

Because of this direct brain-gut connection, the state of your gut has a profound influence on your psychological well-being.

The Science of It


While you were busy developing in the womb, both your gut (which, by the way, includes your colon, small intestine, stomach and esophagus) and your skull brain developed from the same clump of embryonic tissue. At some point (clearly! huh!!) they divided. One part grew into your central nervous system (brain and cranial nerves); and the other into your enteric nervous system (gut brain).

Later on, the two brains became connected through your super inner-highway; the vagus nerve.

Actually, the total of nerve cells in your gut is greater than the total nerves connecting the rest your body to your brain. This complex circuitry allows your “gut brain” to act totally independent of the brain in your skull.

There’s more to it, of course, and lots of big, fat books written on the subject. But for now, I thought that this topic in particular, was great Food for Thought!

Pure Massage

Home visits by request at an additional cost.

“If there’s one thing to know about the human body; it’s this: the human body has a ringmaster. This ringmaster controls your digestion, your immunity, your brain, your weight, your health and even your happiness. This ringmaster is the gut”
Nancy S. Mure


Tratamiento inicial

1 Hora 15 Minutos

€ 40


Tratamientos de seguimiento

1 Hora

€ 35


He sido masajista desde hace 20 años y conocí el masaje abdominal-sacral tras un viaje a Belice, donde recibí este tratamiento. Fue por mi propia experiencia, de manera directa, porque encontré un masaje que realmente me ayudó, que quise aprender y explorar más sobre él y poder compartirlo con los demás.

El abdomen es una zona olvidada muy a menudo por otras terapias, ¡es una zona muy poco tocada! Ahora los científicos llaman a los intestinos “el segundo cerebro”. Con más terminaciones nerviosas que el cerebro.

Es un masaje suave y relajante que funciona en ambas areas, la sacral y el abdomen, desde justo debajo de las costillas hasta el hueso púbico. Los tratamientos comienzan por el masaje lumbar, sacral y gluteal. Todos estamos más o menos cómodos a la hora de recibir un masaje de espalda, y al empezar por ahi, se tiene tiempo parar relajarse, bajar el ritmo y acostumbrarse a mi energía y mi tacto. Es un muy buen masaje tanto para hombres como para mujeres. Las mujeres tienen además el valor añadido de que se relaja cualquier restricción en los músculos y la fascia del abdomen que puede estar afectando a su útero u ovarios. Es de gran beneficio para quienes estén teniendo problemas de fertilidad: hablaremos de tu viaje a través de la fertilidad, y de cualquier aspecto emocional relacionado, para después recibir un tratamiento masaje de fertilidad total. Es una manera fabulosa para entrar en contacto con esta parte de tu cuerpo.

La irrigación del colon ha sido la manera tradicional de limpiar el colon. Pero un masaje profundo y detox del colon tiene el mismo efecto pero lo consigue de una manera mucho más agradable y placentera. Manipular los intestinos conseguirá que tu digestión funcione de manera óptima y te dará tonicidad para empezar tu Primavera.

El masaje estimula el colon y despierta los músculos que controlan el movimiento peristáltico del colon – la manera natural del cuerpo de mover los residuos a través del colon. Ayuda a soltar los que se hayan quedado estancados ahí desde hace años y favorece un movimiento natural. Esta es una de las formas existentes de masaje más poderosas . El estómago es un área muy personal y donde se concentran muchas emociones. El tratamiento es siempre llevado a cabo con el mayor cuidado, atención y respeto.


I use Moogwax which has been developed by therapists for therapists.  Moogwax is based on a wonderful combination of beeswax, apricot kernel oil, olive oil and vitamin E ,plus  some essential oils which I find provides the best massage medium with just the right amount of friction for deeper sports and remedial work or gentler, more relaxing massages and it will leave your client’s skin feeling extra soft and nourished!

“When you shut down emotion, you are also affecting your immune system, your nervous system.

So the repression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then becomes a source of physiological illness later on. “

Gabor Mate